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I'm Dawid. DevOps egineer & web developer.

I offer DevOps consultancy, web development, website maintenance, and advanced hosting solutions with 9 years of IT experience. Let’s make your tech goals a reality!


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My Services

DevOps consulting

Accelerate time-to-value for your business, enhance application performance, ensure stability, strengthen security measures, and elevate observability through my specialized DevOps consulting services.

Design and implementation CI/CD process
Specializing in GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, and Argo CD tools, my goal is to streamline your path to effortless daily releases to production—maintaining the highest standards of quality and security throughout the journey.
Migrate APP to Kubernetes and Cloud
Specializing in transitioning to microservices architecture, Kubernetes or the Serverless AWS as infrastructure. The primary aim is to enhance your application’s scalability and reliability while concurrently reducing infrastructure costs.
Monitor Application and InfrastRucture
In expansive ecosystems, capturing vital application data is key for ongoing improvements in user experience and swift issue detection. My focus is on utilizing Prometheus, Grafana, the ELK stack, or DataDog tools to ensure your applications and infrastructure are consistently performing at their best.
Built Website From Scratch or a Template
From design to publishing, I offer a comprehensive solution tailored to your unique needs. Whether you prefer a customized template or wish to start from scratch, I bring your ideas to life, ensuring a polished and functional website that resonates with your brand.
Improve website performance and SEO
Through the strategic implementation of various caching methods, CDNs, and the addition of metadata tags, I not only prioritize achieving rapid page load times and enhancing your Page Rank score but also ensure better overall site reliability and improved searchability in popular search engines.
Hosting, Maintenance & Updates
Whether you prefer the simplicity of my hosting platform or the robustness of popular hosting services for high-demand deployments, I’ve got you covered. Beyond initial setup, I offer ongoing website care, including updates, periodic security scans, and seamless implementation of future changes.

Web development, maintenance and hosting

Elevate your online presence with my specialized web development, maintenance, and hosting services. I focus on WordPress, Ghost, and Hugo frameworks, with flexibility for other CMS platforms. Whether you’re a small business or an internet shop, I offer tailored solutions, providing hosting or managing applications on existing platforms.

Featured Work

Website Development

Elegant Detailing Studio Website Architecture

Built on the foundation of WordPress and the Divi theme, I ensured a seamless elegance and functionality. The architecture incorporates features such as CloudFront CDN for content delivery, memory-based caching, all meticulously hosted on my hosting service.

About Me

Hello! I’m Dawid. A seasoned IT professional with over 9 years experience.

By day, I focuses on CI/CD processes, Kubernetes, and AWS serverless technologies. My toolbox includes GitLab CI, ArgoCD, Ansible, Terraform, and more. Lately, I’ve been exploring freelance web development, crafting with WordPress, Ghost CMS, and Hugo static pages.

  • CI/CD Pipelines and automation
  • Kubernetes and AWS Cloud
  • Web Development